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Here’s a « flat foamy » made the Great Planes way. Straight. Strong. Easy on the eyes. And absolutely outrageous in 3D action! Based on the Italian World Aerobatic Team’s Katana, the Flatana also excels at the low speeds and tight turns needed for indoor flying. And it goes together quickly — without tape!

  • Flight-ready in only 2-3 hours.
  • Custom hardware provides unmatched strength and performance!
  • Includes T-370 brushed motor with 5:1 gearbox and slow fly prop.


Parts Layout
Fly in just 2-3 hours! Using foam-safe CA and the supplied custom hardware, you’ll easily assemble the Flatana’s pre-printed foam panels and carbon rods into a sturdy, great-looking 3D model.
Motor, Gearbox & Prop
A powerful T-370 brushed motor and gearbox are included and ready for installation. Also supplied are a slow fly propeller and prop saver that enables it to deflect at landing.
« For just a little time and money, the Flatana offers big returns — outdoing other foam profile models in looks, construction quality, and 3D aerobatic ability. »