FR5-300 5-Cylinder Ring


FR5-300 5-Cylinder Ring

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UGS : OSMG1300 Catégorie:


This is the O.S. Max FR5-300 « Sirius » 4-Stroke, 5-Cylinder Radial Engine.
This engine is very popular with the « Giant Scale » modelers with its
abundant power, low vibration, smooth operation, and realistic noise levels.
This engine is the masterpiece of O.S. Multi-Cylinder 4-Stroke Engines!

FEATURES: Pushrod-Driven Overhead Valves
Gear-Driven Camshaft
Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft
5-Cylinder Radial Configuration Firing Order: 1-3-5-2-4
Ringed Pistons
Two-year warranty

INCLUDES: One Motor mount with mounting hardware
One Locking Prop Nut Assembly
One Display Stand
One Choke Valve Extension (rod)
One Gauge Tool Set
One Glow Plug Extension Harness
Five #F glow plugs
One Set of Instructions, Poster, and Sirius/OS Decals

SPECS: Displacement: 9.96cc (x5) (.607 cid x5)
Bore: 24mm (.945″)
Stroke: 22mm (.866″)
Power Output: 4 BHP at 8,000 RPM
Practical RPM Range: 1,800 – 8,500 RPM
Weight: 2670g (94.2oz) w/mount
Length: 158.5mm (6.24″) back of motor mount to front of drive washer
Diameter: 234mm (9.21″)
Shaft Thread Size: 3/8-24
Engine Mount Dimensions: 5 Point Bolt Mount
Mount Inner Diameter: 4-1/8″
Mount Outer Diameter: 4-3/4″
Suggested Props: 18×12, 18×13, 18×14, 20×8, 20×9, 20×10, 22×8

Needle Settings: High Speed: 2-3 trns out form fully closed
Mixture Control (low speed): 2 turns out from fully

REQUIRES: Fuel with 5%-15% Nitromethane and 16% MINIMUM lubricant content
(Most of the 5%-15% fuels we carry meet these requirements)

COMMENTS: No longer includes needle valve extension, knob and hook,
M3x32 propeller slippage screws, motor mount template, or spare
Woodruff key.
***Does NOT include the screwdriver, wrench set or the allen wrench set ***
update mcw 7/8/04
updt lmm 4/6/09