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4 Temps, Avion

4 Temps, Avion

FR7-420 Sirius7 7-Cylinder Radial 4-Stroke Engine

FR7-420 Sirius7 7-Cylinder Radial 4-Stroke Engine..

8 023,81$

FF-320 Pegasus 4-Cylinder Ringed 4-Stroke Engine

FF-320 Pegasus 4-Cylinder Ringed 4-Stroke Engine..

5 513,51$

FT-160 Gemini Twin-Cylinder Ringed 4-Stroke Engine

An excellent choice for power and scale appearance! The twin-opposed cylinder layout of this mo..

2 667,41$

FS155-a Alpha Series 1.55 4-Stroke Pumped Engine

200-size power in a 120-size package! How do you get 200-size power from a 120-size engine? O.S..

1 244,05$

FA-120R3 Four Stroke Engine, BH

Key Features More power for 60- to 90-size planes Proven performance and reliability Fits great i..

1 203,99$

182 Twin Cylinder Dual Plug: DD

Key FeaturesVibration-free runningUltra Light—weighing only 44 ounces..

1 203,99$

FSa-72II Airplane Engine with F-5030 Silencer

The Tradition Continues... O.S. leads the way in advanced 4-stroke engine technology, and you’l..

1 190,07$

FS-120 III Surpass Ringed 1.20 4-Stroke with Pump

Building the 4-Stroke of the future, one engine at a time! Surpass™ engines share features that ..

1 051,81$

FSa-56II Airplane Engine with F-4040 Silencer

Give your 40-size plane the FSa power advantage! Mount the FSa-56II in your model, and see the ..


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