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HO UTC 33K LPG Tank Car- Early, ROCX Primed For Grime #8021

HO UTC 33K LPG Tank Car- Early, ROCX Primed For Grime #8021

  • 85,20$


  • Multiple road numbers, unique numbers between singles and 3-packs
  • Separately applied walkway platform, manway, outlet, ladders, brake rigging detail, safety rail supports and tank saddles
  • Full underframe detail featuring body mounted brakes or truck mounted brakes as per prototype
  • 100 ton trucks with animated rotating bearing caps
  • Accurately painted and printed for prototypical realism
  • Coupler lift bars, trainline hoses, brake hoses, and hardware
  • Three different body phases: early, flat panel, and late
  • Photo etched metal walkways and end platforms
  • Wire safety rails and end handrails
  • Printed placards
  • Body-mounted, McHenry® scale double-shelf knuckle couplers
  • Machined metal wheels with RP25 contours
  • Highly detailed, injection-molded body
  • Weighted for optimum performance
  • Minimum radius: 18”


  • Duplicated look and feel of “In Service” equipment
  • Faded & dull-coated base colors matched to prototype
  • Perfect starting point for adding grime and rust